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Foster + Partners Recruitment Process Restructuring

Being recognised as one of the worlds most prolific Architectural firms comes hand in hand with some pretty hefty hiring challenges. Charlotte Sword, Global HR director at Foster + Partners talks about their partnership with us and our contribution to reducing the firms hiring costs by a staggering 75%.

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“Hi, I’m Charlotte Sword. I’m senior partner and global head of HR here at Foster and Partners. When I first started here at Foster and Partners recruitment wasn’t done on a proactive basis or strategic basis. It tended to be quite reactionary. Tandem really helped us focus on our employee value proposition and how we articulate that through our careers website, which again, they helped us develop. We implemented a candidate management system, which helped us to talent pool all those great applicants that are coming to us from around the world, and really target on key skills, knowledge, and behaviours that we really wanted to see within the practice.”

The strategic review of our recruitment processes really helped us focus on cost. We could protect our internal talent base while really actively partnering with Tandem to increase our profile and attract candidates to us directly. That really drove down our recruitment hiring costs by about 75%. I would definitely recommend Tandem as a talent partner. They really helped us focus on what we needed whilst being incredibly responsive to the needs of the practice, and we could individually negotiate with them on what worked for us, but more importantly, what didn’t work for us, and we could both come to an agreement and a pragmatic approach.”

Our Partner Perspective:

“We engaged Tandem to manage a large number of new Design Technology positions and implement the complete restructuring of our recruitment process to form an onsite service. Throughout our relationship I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism Tandem have shown.”

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Charlotte Sword, Global HR Director, Foster + Partners