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Talent strategies that transform organisations

Our talent strategy design and implementation will empower an organisation through the quality of its greatest resource, its people. We empower internal teams and deliver tangible benefits to operational performance across all levels of a business.

Working in Tandem Takes Us Further

The strategic insight and ingenuity to deliver empowered talent engagement and retention

Our team have decades of experience delivering talent strategies to some of the best known organisations around the UK and internationally. From government suppliers to industry-leading organisations, the solutions we deploy are as uniquely tailored as they are setup with a laser focus on delivery.

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Achieving 100% satisfaction with our client projects, where repeat business and referral remain our strongest new business leads.

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Solutions for organisations with a combined revenue of over £1billion, working across international borders.

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Over 35 years in the recruiting and hiring sector, delivering transformative solutions to household name organisations


The team to take away the tension of talent management.

The Tandem team are a determined and tenacious bunch. We begin any assignment with a comprehensive and forensic planning and research phase, it is only with this foundation of understanding that we will begin our strategic design. From this knowledge basis we will develop an expert-led and entirely tailored talent review, retention and engagement plan to deliver an exceptional impact on the business.

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Dedicated Talent Management Teams

Our Tandem on Tap service offers a unique means to access expert talent management, without the hefty commitment of hiring an internal team or extensive campaign. We provide the rapid insight and availability to access retention and engagement support throughout your hiring journey, ensuring you have a seamless process to delivery, with the foundation of support that you need available when you need it.

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Instant Hiring

Rapid access to expert hiring consultants, providing direct and insightful feedback and consultation

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Global Reach

Our teams stretch across borders, having deployed across Ireland, the US and beyond.

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On-Site Expert

We're able to position an expert direct on-site with your team, becoming an embedded part of the business, achieving a unique understanding of your challenges and objectives.

The proof is in the pudding.

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Amdaris – Driving Technological Innovation and Empowering Talent

Glyn Blaize, COO of Amdaris, sheds light on the shared values and synergistic nature of their Partnership with us. We've teamed up with Amdaris to tackle a broad spectrum of initiatives, including customised talent acquisition programs, up-skilling and re-skilling initiatives, and workforce solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client.

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Foster + Partners Recruitment Process Restructuring

Being recognised as one of the worlds most prolific Architectural firms comes hand in hand with some pretty hefty hiring challenges. Charlotte Sword, Global HR director at Foster + Partners talks about their partnership with us and our contribution to reducing the firms hiring costs by a staggering 75%.