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Outdoor & Cycle Concepts – Recruitment Process Consultancy & Enhancement

Our partnership with Outdoor and Cycle Concepts is a well oiled machine, having provided a long standing, dedicated service of in-house recruitment solutions, bolstering their position in the market and helping deliver quality candidates for one of the UK's largest outdoor retailers.

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Claire Webber

“I am Claire Webber. I am the People Director at Outdoor and Cycle Concepts, which is also known as O&CC.

There were many agencies out there that you can work with, but actually in reality, they were all doing the same thing. And we were clear. We wanted somebody who really got to know what we were trying to strive for as a business that fitted with our values because they’re super important to us, and that’s where Tandem came into the mix.

They’ve worked with us to produce some really strong benchmarking for our store manager population. So we’re able to pull together a methodology that allows store managers to really feel they’re being paid an appropriate wage for where they live and for the work they’re actually doing.”

Rachel Edmonds

“Tandem has absolutely transformed the way we hire people into this business. They provide a very dedicated, focused service for us. They know our business inside out. They know the skill sets that we are looking for in candidates, and they really represent us well in the market.”

Claire Webber

“Tandem have been part of us now for a while, and I think as with all organizations there are ups and downs, but I think one of the things I really value with Tandem as a partner is the fact that we all get back round a table and say, “Where can we continually improve? What can we do differently to keep moving forward?”

Our Partner Perspective:

“Tandem Talent were able to use their extensive network and deliver a number of suitable candidates. There was the obvious challenge presented to us by COVID-19, both in terms of the remote interview process and the number of candidates available. We were also presented with a challenge around a specific candidate that Tandem quickly fixed and got the recruitment process back on track.”

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Claire Webber, People Director, Outdoor and Cycle Concepts