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Tandem on your Door Step

HR and Talent experts that cross borders

Our talent teams stretch across borders, and we are able to assign dedicated talent management to your organisation, in your vicinity. Our expertise embedded into your operation will allow for immediate support across your hiring challenges, ensuring a quality delivery outcome across the board.

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HR On Demand

Our HR on-demand services provide companies with flexible and scalable human resources solutions to meet their specific needs.

These services offer immediate access to experienced HR professionals who can assist with various aspects of the HR function, , employee onboarding, performance management, training and development, policy implementation, and compliance. Whether a company requires temporary support during peak periods or ongoing HR expertise without the need for a full-time HR staff, HR on-demand services offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. By leveraging these services, our partners can focus on their core business operations while ensuring their HR requirements are expertly managed.


Recruitment on Demand

Recruitment on demand offers our partners a convenient and efficient solution to your hiring needs. With our specialised team and platform, you can access an expert recruitment consultant in your area, dedicated to your programme or requirement.

Wether you require temporary staff for seasonal demands or seek skilled professionals for long-term positions, our on-demand recruitment service provides prompt and tailored solutions. We leverage advanced technology and extensive networks to quickly connect you with qualified recruiters, saving you time and effort. Simplify your recruitment process with our reliable and cost-effective on-demand service.

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Our talent experts work internationally, and we have positioned team members to work embedded within an operation across the UK, Europe and US.

Our Consultancy Work:

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Amdaris – Driving Technological Innovation and Empowering Talent

Glyn Blaize, COO of Amdaris, sheds light on the shared values and synergistic nature of their Partnership with us. We've teamed up with Amdaris to tackle a broad spectrum of initiatives, including customised talent acquisition programs, up-skilling and re-skilling initiatives, and workforce solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client.

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Foster + Partners Recruitment Process Restructuring

Being recognised as one of the worlds most prolific Architectural firms comes hand in hand with some pretty hefty hiring challenges. Charlotte Sword, Global HR director at Foster + Partners talks about their partnership with us and our contribution to reducing the firms hiring costs by a staggering 75%.

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Carefully crafted, considered and creative talent management solutions, delivering tangible improvement for our clients.

Our Partner Perspective:

"Our account was managed by Dan Huckle and he quickly grasped what we were looking for, not only in respect of the technical skill requirements but also the important behavioural and cultural fit aspects too, showing a real understanding of the people and business issues affecting our hiring decisions.​We were particularly impressed with their understanding of the Architecture and Design industry, its nature and how this can alter the recruitment process. Tandem delivered within the agreed time frame."

Charlotte Sword, Senior Partner - Global HRD, Foster + Partners